Making Eyes the American Way. We Manufacture Eyeglass Frames and Sunglasses.

Antique & Vintage Eyewear

We are collectors of Antique eyeglasses as well as Vintage eyewear and sunglasses. As industry artisans we library frames made from different periods, materials and techniques. The collection, which is housed in our design & manufacturing showroom, is often used in design collaborations. We offer viewings of the collection and  private label designers use our showroom for point of reference or inspiration before creation. Our in house library dates back to the 1600s. With the help of our purchasing team we are able to offer some styles from all different periods to be purchased at the showroom.. We supply Broadway and the movie industry with the same stock list. If you are unable to visit us we hope you enjoy this month’s online collection.

Vintage Sunglasses
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American Eyewear


The Spectaculars collection pays tribute to the iconic American classics. We didn’t stop there we’ve added some twists but in simple and delicate ways. Not only are we producing in classic blacks and torts but we also use primary colors with pure silk inlays, Decors, Stones and leather skins for limited runs. Staying true to time tested techniques we’ve kept certain steps of hand made production which keeps with its original American way. Check out Spectaculars…

Manufacturing: Designs & Private Label

Our Design Lab is the support line to your imagination, offering you the ability to fully realize and relay your true vision. We provide a full-service experience that helps you plan, design, build, and deliver success. Even the end user can feel the difference in the quality, ultimately giving all the feel of Luxury and the confidence of a smart purchase.


International Distribution and Production

Understanding Branding and their globalization needs of delivering goods to direct markets, we hold and maintain production lines in the US , Europe and Asia. Maintaining quality control from start to finish,  Our in house designers follow all production phases from design to delivery. We can help with your distribution and production on a global scale.

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We are American Visionaries who design and manufacture eyewear collections servicing the optical industry, through our creative design and extraordinary materials, we produce some of the finest eyewear available. Being an inspiration to the world’s top designers, we also, supply Broadway shows and motion pictures. Our mission is to enable the wearer to move forward in life with style, luxury and an uncompromised vision.